United Methodist Women

The Purpose of United Methodist Women is to participate in God’s mission in all areas of life – A major focus is to support women, children, and youth in missions locally and globally. Through monthly meetings and opportunities throughout the year to participate in District and Conference events, women develop a strong supportive community, adding to one’s richness and growth potential under God. Monthly programs include speakers, field trips, and brief scripture studies. An excellent Reading Program encourages continuing growth in understanding and development of one’s spirituality, global issues, and social issues. The Women’s Division heads the national organization with a membership of close to one million women, the largest women’s organization in the world.

Come and join, membership is open to all women. See any member for further information.

UMWC Keolumana

UMW Program 2017



Hostess – (Place TBA)


  Wednesday, 13 –  UMW Meeting

Possibilities for speakers:

Spousal abuse center, Samuel Cox and Barbara Grace on Beacon of Hope and

Mission trip to Cambodia

Saturday, 23 – District UMW Annual Celebration


Hostess – (Place TBA)


Wednesday, 11 – Ad Council Meeting

Wednesday, 18 – UMW Meeting

World Thank Offering and possibility of Roger sharing experience in



Sunday, 19 – Thanksgiving Dinner at church

Thursday, 23 – Thanksgiving


Open (Possible Christmas get together but need place)

Saturday, 24 – Christmas eve service